Twitter Hit with Technical Glitches: Tweeting Troubles Ahead!

Twitter seems to be facing technical difficulties as users are reporting trouble with tweeting, missing direct messages, and accessing tools like TweetDeck. There are approximately 7,100 people reporting issues according to Downdetector.

Although tweets are still visible, some members of The Verge’s staff have encountered an error message saying they have exceeded the daily limit for tweets when attempting to post. Some users have found a workaround by scheduling tweets to be posted in the future, but this solution is not foolproof.

Additionally, some staff have been logged out of TweetDeck and are unable to log back in. When they go to, they see a log-in button, but clicking on it only results in a blank screen before refreshing the page.

The root cause of these issues is currently unknown, but it is speculated that Twitter is preparing for a major change. Last week, the company announced that it would be limiting free access to its API, starting tomorrow, and such changes to its core system could result in unexpected consequences.

Attempts to reach out to Twitter for comment have been unsuccessful as the company no longer has a communications department to respond to inquiries. Neither Twitter Support nor Elon Musk has made any statement regarding the issue, possibly due to encountering error messages themselves.

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