Netflix Upgrades Premium Plan with More Download Options

Netflix, the prominent streaming service, has announced new features for its users that will come at no extra cost for those who are on the Premium plan, those who opt for an upgrade, or those signing up for the first time. The company has added two new offerings: Spatial Audio and expanded download capabilities.

With Spatial Audio, Premium Netflix members will be able to experience the finest sound quality available, whether they’re watching on a TV or computer at home or on the move with a phone or tablet.

The streaming giant has stated that Spatial Audio provides a fully immersive, movie-like audio experience on any device, with no additional equipment necessary.

Over 700 of its most-watched titles, including “Stranger Things,” “The Watcher,” “Wednesday,” and “Knives Out: Glass Onion,” now feature this technology.

Additionally, the corporation stated that its subscribers enjoy the ability to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing on more devices, particularly when they’re on the go or switching between devices.

To cater to this need, Netflix introduced the “increased download devices” option, which boosts the number of devices that can be used for downloads from four to six for premium members, enabling them to access Netflix content at any time and place.

In the meantime, the streaming company has outlined its regulations and exceptions in a bid to control the practice of account sharing within households.

The FAQ pages of the firm have been updated in countries where it is currently experimenting with additional membership fees for account sharing, including Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

By implementing extra charges for the use of the streaming service beyond the household, the company aims to reduce account sharing during the current year.

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