Intel’s Billion-Dollar Bet on Vietnam’s Chip Future

Intel Corporation is contemplating expanding its $1.5 billion investment in its chip testing and packaging facility in Vietnam.

The potential increase, which could reach $1 billion, could demonstrate the growing significance of Vietnam in the global semiconductor supply chain.

Companies are seeking to reduce their dependence on China and Taiwan due to political uncertainties and trade disputes with the US.

The source stated that the investment is likely to take place in the coming years and might even surpass $1 billion.

However, Intel is also considering alternative investment options in Singapore and Malaysia. The chip packaging and testing plant located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is Intel’s largest in the world, with an estimated investment of $1.5 billion to date.

The expansion in Vietnam will help Intel to better handle supply chain disruptions and avoid relying heavily on one single country or facility.

Intel is considering this investment with the aim of not being perceived as hostile by the US, which is promoting chip production domestically.

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