Everything we know about Google’s foldable Pixel

Google's foldable PixelAccording to a tweet from analyst Ross Young, the rumored foldable Google Pixel phone could debut in the first three months of 2023.

Young was tweeting in response to Roland Quand, a market observer, who inquired about the whereabouts of the Pixel foldable. Simply “Q1,” was his response.

The discovery of references to a foldable Google Pixel in Android 13 just last month raised anticipations of a quick release. During the time, it was anticipated that an announcement would be made at the Made by Google event on October 6; however, that day came and went with no sign. However, we did receive the Pixel Watch and the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

While we frequently refer to the gadget as “Pixel Fold” for consistency’s sake, the term has not yet been officially adopted. According to a 9to5Google story, Google may seek to rename its foldable Pixel Notepad in order to set itself apart from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold branding. Given the proximity to Samsung’s other renowned (but no longer produced) series, the Galaxy Note, it would be ironic enough. For what it’s worth, the name “Logbook” was also under consideration. Until there is a formal rejection or confirmation, we will refer to it as Pixel Fold since that is the easiest to say out of these.

If the Pixel Fold is the animation featured in Android 12L, then its proportions may alter slightly from Samsung’s. If this is how the gadget will appear, it will have a 7:8 internal display ratio. The Google Pixel Fold would be closer to the square-like Oppo Find N with its 8.4:9 ratio because the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is higher at 22.5:18. When unfolded, it would feel more like a landscape smartphone and have a less crowded outer screen, which we prefer on the Oppo phone over the Samsung foldable.

Google Pixel Fold: Specs and Camera

The Pixel Fold should contain the same Tensor chip at its heart as the current Pixel 6 smartphones, however we don’t know much about the hardware just yet. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Pixel Fold received the same Tensor 2 improvement that is planned for the upcoming flagship series, the Pixel 7, which is just around the way.

Google Pixel Fold Software

In spite of our long-held expectations, Google hasn’t used the Pixel Fold to fully demonstrate the tablet-focused Android 12L. Instead, since Android 13 is Google’s most recent operating system update, the Pixel Fold will almost certainly run it.

The foundation of Android 13 is Android 12L, which adds APIs and other enhancements to Android 12 to make apps more compatible with large screens. Particularly, 12L makes it simpler for programs to instantly and dynamically adapt to various screen sizes. The phone provides improved split-screen and multitasking experiences in this way. These upgrades would be quite helpful for a foldable device like the Pixel Fold.

Launch dates

The Pixel Fold’s precise debut date is difficult to predict. Although there have been some indications of a 2022 release, such the string “is Pixel 2022 Foldable” from the Google Camera app, it’s unlikely to hit shops this year in the absence of leaks or speculations. A 2023 timeframe is allegedly in place, according to the most recent rumor, which was directly quoted in a New York Times article. Your guess is as good as ours as to where on the calendar it will fall directly.